Sync Slicers

One of the problems with multiple pages report before releasing this feature was that users were not able to transfer their selected filters on a specific page to other pages in their report. They had to create same filters on each page and select same filter each time they navigate through different pages.

This feature helped them to solve this issue by creating filters that are synced in entire pages of their report and each they select a filter in one page, it carries through all other pages without doing same action over and over again.


What Was the Problem?

Users were not able to apply their report filters to all pages, they had to add filters to every single page which was very time consuming and not efficient.

What did I do?

I started with rapid prototyping on pen and paper and after reviewing it with other team members I design high fidelity concepts in affinity designer and we did some user research based on those concepts.

Who Did I Work With?

In this project I was user experience designer and worked with our product manager, developers and researches. We had design reviews with other design team members during this project as well.

Design Process

We designed 3 different concept for this scenario and tested them with users.

Global Slicer Switch in Property Pane
Advanced Slicer Management Pane
Simple Slicer Management Pane

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Couple of iteration that happened during this project

Concept 1 – Global Slicer Switch In Property Pane

In this concept we tried to put controls of sync slicers inside property pane of visual.

Concept 2 – Advanced Slicer Management Pane

In this concept we tried to put controls of sync slicers inside a sidebar pane.

Concept 3 – Simple Slicer Management Pane

Since users preferred the pane design we decided to iterate on it and make it simpler based on user feedback.

Some Users Feedback

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