Power BI Improvements


What Was the Problem?

As user experience designers in our team we also were responsible to improve overall usability and user experience in Power BI desktop product. This page contains some of the major improvements that I was a designer for them.

What did I do?

I was user experience designer in this project, worked with many people in different teams of development, project managers, researches and content writers.

Who Did I Work With?

In these projects I worked closely with product management and development teams and other designers as well. In some of these we did some user research as well.

Report Page Tooltip

Power BI already had an ability to customize tooltips for visuals in report pages, but we wanted to enable another level of customization for users. Idea was to use what we have right now in pages of report and use them as another layer of information on top of user’s visuals like a tooltip.

This was users can design any tooltip with any information they want and they can easily choose the layout of their tooltip because it is a report page and they already know how to create them.

You can see the difference between normal tooltip and report page tooltip in this image below, as you can see the report tooltips can be really rich and have much more useful information.


Report Page Tooltip Animations

Report Themes

Before releasing this feature Power BI didn’t have an ability to import a theme file and change the whole report color pallete, users had to manually change the colors of each visual from their properties.

With this feature users can easily create a .json file that contains all color values and import them directly from Power BI desktop.

Performance Inspector

One of the critical factors in delivering a great overall experience in Power BI is performance. As creators, users want their dashboard to load fast and provide quick insights to their customers. To aid this process, we added a feature called Performance Inspector in the Power BI service that helps users inspect and diagnose why the loading time is poor. They’ll see alerts that identify the potential issue and suggest a fix.