Performance Analyzer

Sometimes reports in Power BI are slow and it’s difficult to know what causes these performance issues and how users can fix and improve them. Performance analyzer will allow report authors to easily see the effect of every interaction on a page. This includes how long each visual takes to refresh and where the time is going. By using this tool, authors will be able to produce reports that are much more responsive for their end users.


What Was the Problem?

Some reports in Power BI have performance issues and users having hard time figuring out what causes these issues. We needed to design a solution for this problem.

What did I do?

I had to discuss this scenario with product owners first to see exactly what usually causes these perf issues. After that I designed some early mockups and tested them with users and kept iterating on them until we reached a good solution.

Who Did I Work With?

I worked closely with product owners, developers in this scenario. We did multiple user research and worked with researchers and content writers to improve overall design.

Design Process

After initial discussions with product owners and developers and understanding constraints and requirements I started designing step by step mockups for this scenario and reviewed them after each iteration with team to see how we can improve these concepts until we reached a good design to move forward.

Couple of iteration that happened during this project

Couple of iteration that happened during this project

Concept 1 – Ribbon Entry Point

For first round of concepts we decided to use ribbon as entry point which had 2 actions inside its drop down and showing results of analyze in a modal box.

Concept 2 – Pane

In this concept we moved the performance analyzer to sidebar as its own separate pane.

Concept 3 – MVP Pane Design

We improved upon pane concept, made it easier and simpler to use with less steps.


1. We merged analyze current page and start monitoring actions into one action, Start Monitoring Report and added Refresh, Stop buttons. This solved the confusing issue that some users had about two different actions and wasn’t sure which one was the right action and removed extra unnecessary steps for this scenario.

2. By clicking on Start link report gets refreshed and results will be populated in table.

3. To get details of current page, user needs to start monitoring and click on refresh link in pane

4. By selecting a row in table, related visual will be highlighted in report page.

5. After starting analyze, table gets populated with a timestamp of when user started monitoring and waits for user input on report to capture.

6. By selecting a visual in their report users can analyze that specific one only and see results in table.

Some Users Feedback

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